Great New Reviews! December 09 2013

"Oh. My. Stars. My Breakfast In New England pecans arrived and I'm quietly going out of my MIND they are so good! I had to move them out of reach because I couldn't stop eating them!" - Julie

"The New England Breakfast Almonds are AWESOME !!!!" - Russ

"Mine are here!! MINE ARE HERE!!!!! They are FANTASTICAL!!!!! Warmed them like Lisa said and OMG'S!! they are so good!" - Vickie

"Latest order received. Latest order eaten. We may have to move in with you. When is the last order date before Xmas?" - Meg

"OMG, Lisa Griffiths, my (first) order came today. They are SO, SO good!! Ok, I admit that it is a good thing that I ordered a full order of Breakfast in New England Cashews because the samples are gone. LOL!" - Kathleen

SO good, the pecans especially! Try That Nutty Redhead -- you won't be sorry!- Julie T.

"OMG!!! I got my order today....YUM-O!! I can't decide which I like best, the Spicy Hug Nuts or the Frosted Bavarian Almonds. They are delicious and I had to put the bags back in the box and close it up so I wouldn't eat them all at once! Can't wait to try some of the other flavors, those hickory smoked bacon ones are sounding pretty tasty!" Debra


Thank you so much Julie, Russ, Vickie, Meg, Debra and Kathleen.