New Packaging Coming Soon! March 31 2014

I'm absolutely delighted at the amazing positive response to my gourmet European recipe nuts!! Along with specialty and gourmet food shops I have been approached by several large supermarket chains. The only thing stopping me from getting this delicious all natural product to the masses is the packaging.

What we have now is nice, and everything is heat sealed to lock in freshness. What we lack is a package with our logo and information printed right on the stand up pouch bag with a UPC, which is required by large chain supermarkets.

 There is always a solution, and that solution includes you. I'm deeply grateful for all of the kind support through individual sales. To secure the professional packaging that I need to grow this business I'm going to be doing a Kickstarter campaign soon. It will raise money to fund the artwork, printing, packaging & UPC costs, and cover another nut glazing machine to keep up with the demand.

 For those not familiar, Kickstarter is an online fund raising platform which has been hugely successful and has raised millions of dollars for everything from music videos, to brick and morter shops, to food product equipment. For more information on Kickstarter-


Stay tuned for more information on That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts Kickstarter campaign, coming soon!!