That Nutty Redhead Is Not Your Average Nut!!! October 01 2014

That Nutty Redhead is not your average nut!!!

But it's not about me, it's about YOU, and your health. That Nutty Redhead- Praline Gourmet Nuts is committed to offering a delicious all natural GMO FREE snacks. I'm proud to say that my nut blends are dairy, egg, soy, wheat, corn syrup, peanut, trans fat oil , and gluten free!

 My cooking process is different then what others are doing, and it's healthy too. Just as you steam vegetables to keep the nutrients in, I steam cook the nuts. I never roast them (commercial roasting is a form of deep frying).

With my process you get a softer, fresher nut that is easier to chew (you can take the dentist off of speed dial), and since there's no oil, they won't go rancid.

Need another reason to eat my healthy steamed gourmet nut product?


Roasting nuts (a form of deep frying) causes oxidation= free radicals= ageing

To learn more about the dangers of roasted nuts-


Thank you for choosing That Nutty Redhead!! Remember, it's okay to go nuts!!!



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