Melt Ice Cream March 25 2016

Formerly Salem Screamery, under new management and now called "Melt Ice Cream Parlor." The owner Christiana loved the taste of my products, That Nutty Redhead - Breakfast in New England maple-toffee and New England Praline with Sea Salt vanilla nut flavors. She added both to her ice cream line up and has named the new ice cream flavor "Nutty Almond" after moi!! I'm honored!!
smile emoticon

(Many of our customers put TNR nut snacks on their ice cream. If you know anything about New England, ice cream RULES, 365 days a year in fact!! It's never too cold here to eat ice cream!!!!) Melt Ice Cream is now open for the season so stop in and try the new flavor, among many other scrumptious flavors made with local, all natural ingredients. I can't wait!!!