Now With Only 3 Grams of Sugar Per Serving! August 09 2017


Endeavoring to meet the needs of a health conscious lifestyle we reformulated the original Victorian era family recipe and the lab results are back. That Nutty Redhead Praline Gourmet Nuts now have only 3 grams of sugar per serving. Our flavors include New England Praline with Sea Salt (cinnamon bun flavor) and Breakfast in New England (French toast-pancakes-syrup flavor). For a store near you please see our store finder page. You can also order online and get free shipping at Thank you for your continued support!

Today's Demos October 20 2016

And away we go! That Nutty Redhead demos for today:
11-2 WFM Charles River Plaza, Boston
3-6 WFM Prospect Street, Cambridge
3-6 WFM Somerville

Whole Day at Whole Foods October 08 2016

That Nutty Redhead demos for today:
11-2 WFM Ink Block & Brookline
3-6 WFM Woburn & Medford

Closer to Home today - TNR Demos September 19 2016

11-2 - Roche Bros. Burlington - Lisa
11-2 - Whole Foods Woburn - John
3-6 - Crosby's Georgetown - Lisa - 1st. appearance
3-6 - Whole Foods Andover - John

Portion Control comes to Whole Foods September 15 2016

Whole Foods will be able to order our 2oz., That Nutty Redhead, portion control snack pack in each flavor as of Oct. 1st. It should considerably boost the experience of kettle steamed praline gourmet nuts for so many more people, not to mention increased sales numbers. We're very excited about the potential in growth for our infant empire :) 

Why Do We Call One Of Our Flavors Breakfast In New England?? April 20 2016

Remember the first time that you tasted pancakes, French toast or waffles smothered in syrup? know what I mean. I like to call that comfort food. Now you can get that mouthwatering taste on the go with our Breakfast in New England Praline nut snacks at That Nutty Redhead!

Our Breakfast in New England maple-toffee almond & cashew praline nut snacks taste just like the yummy goodness you remember at breakfast! You can actually have them for breakfast too, add them chopped up in your oatmeal, on top of pancakes, waffles, French toast, or on your favorite cold cereal. Perhaps you like to bake, they're great added on top of muffins before they go into the oven. Get creative!

Nuts are a healthy snack and our products are gluten, dairy, soy, wheat, peanut, corn syrup, oil, MSG, egg, and trans fat free. They're a great grab and go snacks in resealable bags, perfect any time of day or night!

For a store nearest you go to our store finder page. If your favorite store doesn't stock That Nutty Redhead - Praline Gourmet Nuts ask them to contact Lisa at

*That Nutty Redhead - The Next Generation In Snack Food*

Today's the Day! April 05 2016

We have a busy day today:
1. Pre-Production meeting at #BevCam for the local #TV show - North Shore Journal.
2. PU cashews at #Superior Nut in #Cambridge
3. Delivery to the Charles River Plaza Whole Foods (new store)
4. Topping samples to #Richardson's Ice Cream in #Middleton, #MA
5. Delivery to Bella & Harvey in #Rockport (new store)
6. Add the Toppings to our TNR website and re-open
7. Make a ton of calls - scheduling demos and reorders
8. and just maybe deliver a toppings order to White Farms #IceCream in #Ipswich. Waiting for the call.

All Natural That Nutty Redhead Toppings March 30 2016

That Nutty Redhead Praline gourmet nut snacks is pleased to announce the latest in our line of fine, all natural products. Introducing our signature flavors, now available as ice cream toppings. New England Praline with Sea Salt has pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla with just a touch of saltiness. Breakfast in New England was named for its maple toffee pancake, French toast, and syrup flavors. They're oh, so good!!!

Wholesale and retail orders welcome. Please contact Lisa Griffiths at 978-412-5662 or at

*That Nutty Redhead- The Next Generation In Snack Food*

Photo by John Thomas Grant

Melt Ice Cream March 25 2016

Formerly Salem Screamery, under new management and now called "Melt Ice Cream Parlor." The owner Christiana loved the taste of my products, That Nutty Redhead - Breakfast in New England maple-toffee and New England Praline with Sea Salt vanilla nut flavors. She added both to her ice cream line up and has named the new ice cream flavor "Nutty Almond" after moi!! I'm honored!!
smile emoticon

(Many of our customers put TNR nut snacks on their ice cream. If you know anything about New England, ice cream RULES, 365 days a year in fact!! It's never too cold here to eat ice cream!!!!) Melt Ice Cream is now open for the season so stop in and try the new flavor, among many other scrumptious flavors made with local, all natural ingredients. I can't wait!!!

Whole Foods in Hyannis is onboard! March 15 2016

Lisa and I would like to welcome the Whole Foods Market in Hyannis, MA, to our That Nutty Redhead Family -

"The Next Generation in Snack Food!"

Connecticut is Ours! Whole Foods February 12 2016

The ‪#‎WholeFoods‬ on Raymond Ave. in‪#‎WestHartford‬ just placed a large That Nutty Redhead order. We should hear from the other two locations on Monday. Welcome Connecticut.
We'll deliver next week.

New Adds, New Markets - Roche Bros. February 12 2016

We're pleased to announce that we have started the load in at several of the Roche Bros. Market chain here in Massachusetts. Currently we have delivered to the stores in Sudbury, Quincy and Burlington. We have 11 more set for delivery this week.

The Big Two Zero!!! January 21 2016

We would like to welcome That Nutty Redhead's 20th Whole Foods Market! Thank you Andover!!!

The Next Generation in Snack Food.

Fern's Country Store - New Add! January 21 2016

We would like to welcome Fern's Country Store in Carlisle, MA, to our That Nutty Redhead family. Thanks so much Larry -

The Next Generation in Snack Food.

New Store - Whole Foods Market - Cranston, Rhode Island January 20 2016

Rhode Island is Ours!!! Whole Foods in Cranston, RI, placed their first order with That Nutty Redhead. 3 down, 47 to go...and we're coming!

The Luna Theater in Lowell, Massachusetts January 13 2016

We would like to welcome the Luna Theater into our That Nutty Redhead family -  

What a great atmosphere to watch a movie in. Check it out if you can. And there's so much more in the same building.

Victorian Grandmother Ella Mae Martin Inspires That Nutty Redhead's Gourmet Nut Recipe October 01 2014

Maternal Victorian era Grandmother Ella Mae Martin, That Nutty Redhead Praline Gourmet Nuts Inspiration


Good morning! What a great day to build a business!!

Many of you are supporting my Kickstarter project, thank you!! I need more buddies like you to make this dream come true. Please contribute if you can, and share the link with someone. All contributors get 10% off all future orders, plus the rewards listed.

I'm honored to be a Staff Pic at Kickstarter in their food category. My gourmet nuts are based on my Victorian grandmother Ella Mae's recipe from her cookbook that I inherited. You can see why this means a lot to me.

It's a delicious all natural product, GMO corn syrup free and contains no dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, peanuts, gluten, preservatives, trans fat oils, and never anything artificial. I say, "Snack Healthy!!"

Thank you again for your kind support. Make it a great day everyone!!!



Please check out my Kickstarter Project and find out where I'm going next!!


Like Nuts? Hate GMO's? Love Flavor? September 23 2014

Like Nuts? Hate GMO's? Love Flavor?

Have I got a mouthwatering all natural snack for you!!

That Nutty Redhead - Praline Gourmet Nuts are GMO corn syrup free, egg, preservative & gluten free, and contain no artificial ingredients, no dairy, soy, wheat, peanuts, or trans fats. Only all natural flavoring and spices are added.

I would love to get them to a store near you!!! Whole Foods is interested in my all natural nut blends, based on a family recipe.


You can help make this happen! How?

Please contribute to my Kickstarter project, and tell others. I have awesome rewards for backers.



Please check out my Kickstarter Project


Join Our Team!!! September 22 2014

It's Nutty time -

Snack Smarter with That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts!! April 17 2014

Roasting nuts (a form of deep frying) causes oxidation= free radicals= ageing.

That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts are STEAM cooked and glazed with mouthwatering flavors, NOT roasted!!

European perfection, stylized in America! Try some today!! #Snacksmart 


 To learn more about the dangers of roasted nuts-


That Nutty Redhead nuts go great on a salad!!

New Packaging Coming Soon! March 31 2014

I'm absolutely delighted at the amazing positive response to my gourmet European recipe nuts!! Along with specialty and gourmet food shops I have been approached by several large supermarket chains. The only thing stopping me from getting this delicious all natural product to the masses is the packaging.

What we have now is nice, and everything is heat sealed to lock in freshness. What we lack is a package with our logo and information printed right on the stand up pouch bag with a UPC, which is required by large chain supermarkets.

 There is always a solution, and that solution includes you. I'm deeply grateful for all of the kind support through individual sales. To secure the professional packaging that I need to grow this business I'm going to be doing a Kickstarter campaign soon. It will raise money to fund the artwork, printing, packaging & UPC costs, and cover another nut glazing machine to keep up with the demand.

 For those not familiar, Kickstarter is an online fund raising platform which has been hugely successful and has raised millions of dollars for everything from music videos, to brick and morter shops, to food product equipment. For more information on Kickstarter-


Stay tuned for more information on That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts Kickstarter campaign, coming soon!!


That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts on Cape Ann Foodie Tour for 2014! March 12 2014

That Nutty Redhead is pleased, and honored, to have been chosen as one of the fine stops on the Cape Ann Foodie Tour. A must when you come to the Northshore of MA!!

 Those on the tour will be treated to samples of my 8 all natural gourmet nut flavors, based on a European recipe. I offer almonds, cashews, and pecans. Assorted flavors will be available for purchase.


The flavors include Breakfast in New England maple (top seller), Spicy Hug Nut Cayenne (top seller), Bavarian Vanilla (top seller) Chai, Sweet Smoked Hickory, Orange Creamsicle, Menthe Chocolat, & Hannah Jumper Rum.

 You'll learn the Rum story of Victorian era Hannah Jumper, as it pertains to Rockport history. I will be dressed in Victorian clothing, in her honor, from my personal antique clothing collection.


For photos and booking information: