I Went Back In Time To The Victorian Era Today November 20 2013

My pastime is re-enacting the Victorian era. I also love the Edwardian era, and the new neo Victorian movement Steampunk. It's been a dream of mine to share my love of collecting antiques with others, I began collecting at age 15. For the past decade I've toured all over the east coast as Victoriana Lady Lisa, presenting my traveling museum programs while dressed in Victorian attire.

From that love came a book, International Steampunk Fashions, and now a local TV station has allowed me to bring my expertise to the screen. Today was the first taping for "All Things Victorian" on Cape Ann Massachusetts. It will be shown locally first and eventually be featured on Youtube. I'll be addressing everything about this wonderful time in history, we will look at art, literature, fashion, architecture, food, mourning traditions, jewelry, superstitions, weddings, antiques of the era, and much, much more. How does this tie in with That Nutty Redhead? My frosted nuts are based on a Victorian recipe, and we all need a delicious snack. :) 

My Other Nutty Side November 19 2013

There's more to That Nutty Redhead than greets the palate. I'm also a Victorian/Edwardian Re-enactor/Historian/Author, and starting tomorrow - a TV Presenter/Host. I'm taking that side to TV in a series program called "All Things Victorian feat. the Victoriana Lady Lisa" to be aired on Cape Ann TV in Massachusetts. We will work to have it sponsored on many other cable access stations across the Country so keep an eye out for it. So many thanks again Everyone.