Manchester By The Sea With That Nutty Redhead July 01 2017

That Nutty Redhead Lisa Griffiths is delighted to have her Praline nut snacks at Crosby's Marketplace in beautiful Manchester By The Sea in MA. With the success of the movie Manchester By The Sea it should prove to be a busy season!

Available in both 2 oz grab -n- go snack size and 8 oz family size. They make great beach snacks, no melting! New England Praline with Sea Salt, a Cinnamon Bun flavor is great on a summer salad, as well as for snacking. Breakfast in New England (salt free) tastes like French toast, pancakes, & Maple syrup and is fantastic on ice cream, in yogurt, smoothies, with trail mix, and of course snacking! As always, thank you for your business!!