Closer to Home - That Nutty Redhead demos for today: November 12 2016

11-2 WFM Lynnfield & Melrose
3-6 WFM Swampscott 3-6 Crosby's Market Marblehead

TNR demos for today - 2nd of 6 November 11 2016

Day 2 of a very active 6 day demo schedule:
11-2 WFM Charles River Plaza & River Street
3-6 WFM Cambridge & Somerville
And each get a delivery.

"A Healthy Comfort Food"

Cape Dates - TNR demos for today October 22 2016

Saturday on the Cape: That Nutty Redhead demos for today:
11-2 Whole Foods Hyannis - John
11-2 Roche Bros Mashpee - Lisa
3-6 Whole Foods South Weymouth - Lisa
3-6 Roche Bros Quincy - John

Today's Demos October 20 2016

And away we go! That Nutty Redhead demos for today:
11-2 WFM Charles River Plaza, Boston
3-6 WFM Prospect Street, Cambridge
3-6 WFM Somerville

Updated Store List October 19 2016

Oh my...missed a few, and added some new ones -

Complete Trifecta in Providence! October 18 2016

We would like to welcome the Whole Foods on Waterman Street in Providence, RI, into our That Nutty Redhead family -

A Growing List of Demographics October 18 2016

A new That Nutty Redhead Praline Gourmet Nut demographic came to light, yesterday, at a Whole Foods demo in Andover, MA. MACAWS!
A Lady approached me at the table to say that, in a pinch, she had to feed her Macaw assorted foods including TNR nuts. Upon ingesting the TNR handful, the Macaw's reported response was, "WOW...GOOD!"
To those corporate leaders that we're presently speaking with, and will speak, you can add Parrots to the growing list of people, and animals, embracing our innovative nut snack. Perhaps, one day, the official nut of Parrot Jungle? John


Hartford Bound October 11 2016

Oh to Hartford, CT, tomorrow:
11-2 - Whole Foods Glastonbury
3-6 - Whole Foods West Hartford
3-6 Whole Foods Bishops Corner
And all three get deliveries as they're almost out of stock!

Grateful TNR Reorders April 20 2016

Many thanks for your reorders Donelan's in Acton and Pepperell; McKinnon's Market, Portmouth, NH; Ferns in Carlisle, MA; Goretti's Market in Millbury,MA: Whole Foods in Swampscott, Melrose and Andover, and welcome to Whole Foods in Westford, and thanks for your order. "The Next Generation in Snack Food"

Snack Smarter with That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts!! April 17 2014

Roasting nuts (a form of deep frying) causes oxidation= free radicals= ageing.

That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts are STEAM cooked and glazed with mouthwatering flavors, NOT roasted!!

European perfection, stylized in America! Try some today!! #Snacksmart 


 To learn more about the dangers of roasted nuts-


That Nutty Redhead nuts go great on a salad!!

That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts on Cape Ann Foodie Tour for 2014! March 12 2014

That Nutty Redhead is pleased, and honored, to have been chosen as one of the fine stops on the Cape Ann Foodie Tour. A must when you come to the Northshore of MA!!

 Those on the tour will be treated to samples of my 8 all natural gourmet nut flavors, based on a European recipe. I offer almonds, cashews, and pecans. Assorted flavors will be available for purchase.


The flavors include Breakfast in New England maple (top seller), Spicy Hug Nut Cayenne (top seller), Bavarian Vanilla (top seller) Chai, Sweet Smoked Hickory, Orange Creamsicle, Menthe Chocolat, & Hannah Jumper Rum.

 You'll learn the Rum story of Victorian era Hannah Jumper, as it pertains to Rockport history. I will be dressed in Victorian clothing, in her honor, from my personal antique clothing collection.


For photos and booking information:


There Are No Leftover Recipes For Chocolate! March 02 2014

Did you ever notice, there are no leftover recipes for chocolate? :)

 I use pure cocoa in my Menthe Chocolat gourmet nut blends, no leftovers here either!

Feature Flavor: Menthe Chocolat- This flavor satisfies your chocolate craving with a splash of cool mint. Think of those ever popular chocolate mint candies, or thin mint cookies that we love, on your favorite nut!!