That Nutty Redhead- Praline Nuts Article In Edible Boston Magazine Winter 2015 Issue November 24 2014


Having been a fan of Edible Boston magazine for some time (I save every issue) I was beyond delighted, actually I was honored, to be asked for an interview about my gourmet nut business. Writer Deb Kaneb did a wonderful article conveying my family history and how it plays a part in all that I do. Find out how a shoe box of old photos led me to my passion.


You can read the full story here-


Thank you editor Ilene Bezahler, and staff, for including me among the fine people you feature in your magazine.

That Nutty Redhead At The Northshore Food & Gift Emporium At Willowdale Estate , Topsfield MA November 22 2014

Join That Nutty Redhead, maker of gourmet Praline Nuts & Nutty Fudge, at the fabulous North Shore Food & Gift Emporium!

That Nutty Redhead is featured this month in Edible Boston magazine. Samples of my newest product, Praline Nutty Fudge with Sea Salt, and my top selling almond & cashew blends will be available. They make great gifts!!


FREE Admission + Parking

Taste + shop from 40 local food + fine gift makers. No, this is not a craft fair! This event is simply a celebration of food + gifts made by local passionate individuals (we consider them courageous, as well).

Hosted at the gorgeous historic Willowdale Estate (, the North Shore Food + Gift Emporium will be the perfect event to get a head start on your . . . dare we say . . . holiday shopping. Don’t be dismayed, you’ll easily find something for everyone on your list (including something for yourself)!

Brother's Brew Coffee Shop Now Has That Nutty Redhead Products!! November 18 2014

If you can't find something to tantalize your taste buds at Brothers Brew Coffee Shop, 27 Main St. Rockport, MA, I don't know what to tell you! Scrumptious homemade pastries, delicious coffee blends, and a nice lunch menu, plus the hometown ambiance that keeps you coming back again and again. Go where the locals go, and while there pick up That Nutty Redhead's Gluten Free Gourmet Nuts & Sea Salt Nutty Fudge for your snack break. They're wicked good!!








Whole Foods Market ~That Nutty Redhead ~ Kickstarter November 03 2014

Whole Foods Market, as well as others, wants to carry That Nutty Redhead's gourmet nut products, there's no stopping me now! That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts is committed to bringing you all natural, delicious nut snacks. My product and my packaging are integral in attaining that end for you. I have chosen to go with Stand Up Pouches as my packaging supplier. See for yourself why I believe they are the best in the business.

As many of you may know, but some may not, I have a crowd funding project with Kickstarter to raise the funds for the professional packaging. If you believe in supporting small business and would like to become a part of this journey I ask that you PLEDGE NOW. Every dollar adds up, I have many great thank you rewards, and you will come away with the satisfaction that YOU played a part in the history and success of a family inspired business endeavoring to bring a quality, chemical free snack to our grocery shelves.

Does That Nutty Redhead Sleep?? October 26 2014

That Nutty Redhead is rumored not to sleep...I just finished 6 farmers markets this past season, I stock 24 awesome stores, with more coming on board, I did the Rockport Harvesfest, the Essex Clamfest, various store demos, and a TV show. Whew!!! Guess what? I'm just getting started, there's lots of holiday events coming up!! 

This is an incredibly exciting time, thank you again to those backers who have come on board with my Kickstarter project! I NEED MORE GREAT PEOPLE ON MY TEAM LIKE YOU!!!! For those backers who get another friend to sign up for $5.00 or more you get a free movie ticket to the Cape Ann Community Cinema in MA.

If you're not local, I will send you a half pound of my nutty fudge as a thank you, along with your other rewards. I will start asking backers who referred them to my project so you get credit. There's no time like the present, and we only have a brief time left before the November 6th 10:00 am deadline, so let's build the numbers. Then get ready for a great ride!!!
My sincerest thanks. :)

Video update-

Needed- People Who Care About What They Eat October 21 2014

Kind greetings,
I'm looking for  people who care about their health, who care about what they put into their bodies. Someone who cares about eating real food, without chemicals. I need people who care about quality, taste, and freshness. Someone who cares about supporting local business, not unfeeling corporations.

If you care about any of these things, I kindly invite you to take a look at my project. Thank you for your time.


Victorian Grandmother Ella Mae Martin Inspires That Nutty Redhead's Gourmet Nut Recipe October 01 2014

Maternal Victorian era Grandmother Ella Mae Martin, That Nutty Redhead Praline Gourmet Nuts Inspiration


Good morning! What a great day to build a business!!

Many of you are supporting my Kickstarter project, thank you!! I need more buddies like you to make this dream come true. Please contribute if you can, and share the link with someone. All contributors get 10% off all future orders, plus the rewards listed.

I'm honored to be a Staff Pic at Kickstarter in their food category. My gourmet nuts are based on my Victorian grandmother Ella Mae's recipe from her cookbook that I inherited. You can see why this means a lot to me.

It's a delicious all natural product, GMO corn syrup free and contains no dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, peanuts, gluten, preservatives, trans fat oils, and never anything artificial. I say, "Snack Healthy!!"

Thank you again for your kind support. Make it a great day everyone!!!



Please check out my Kickstarter Project and find out where I'm going next!!


Like Nuts? Hate GMO's? Love Flavor? September 23 2014

Like Nuts? Hate GMO's? Love Flavor?

Have I got a mouthwatering all natural snack for you!!

That Nutty Redhead - Praline Gourmet Nuts are GMO corn syrup free, egg, preservative & gluten free, and contain no artificial ingredients, no dairy, soy, wheat, peanuts, or trans fats. Only all natural flavoring and spices are added.

I would love to get them to a store near you!!! Whole Foods is interested in my all natural nut blends, based on a family recipe.


You can help make this happen! How?

Please contribute to my Kickstarter project, and tell others. I have awesome rewards for backers.



Please check out my Kickstarter Project


That Nutty Redhead at the Gloucester Block Party 2014 July 21 2014

That Nutty Redhead Lisa Griffiths, aka Victoriana Lady Lisa, portraying her Victorian grandmother Ella Mae, circa 1900 at the annual Gloucester Block Party. "It was my Victorian grandmother's recipe from her turn of the century cookbook that inspired my praline gourmet nut business. Thanks grandma!!"




Prime Meats & Provisions in Beverly new home for That Nutty Redhead Praline Nuts!! July 06 2014

Prime Meats & Provisions in Beverly is now carrying That Nutty Redhead's gourmet nut products. They have the snack packs and half pound packages. They're great in salad, yogurt, or topped on ice cream. Makes a great hostess gift for a house party with a bottle of wine or cheese too!! 

 While you're there pick up their awesome marinated steak tips, they melt in your mouth! The store has many unique local products, fine gourmet barbecue sauces, homemade picnic fare, and of course their high quality meats. They pride themselves on customer service and freshness of their products.


It's grilling time, so stop in at Prime Meats & Provisions in Beverly MA, you won't be disappointed!!!

Farmers Markets are here! June 19 2014

Please note our Farmers Market appearances on our home page. See you there! We've added a number of new stores to our growing list. Please note them, too. Thanks.

Snack Smarter with That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts!! April 17 2014

Roasting nuts (a form of deep frying) causes oxidation= free radicals= ageing.

That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts are STEAM cooked and glazed with mouthwatering flavors, NOT roasted!!

European perfection, stylized in America! Try some today!! #Snacksmart 


 To learn more about the dangers of roasted nuts-


That Nutty Redhead nuts go great on a salad!!

That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts at Crosby's Fine Markets!! March 02 2014

That Nutty Redhead is delighted to announce that we are in 3 of Crosby's fine grocery stores!! 

Look for my nut products in the glossy red package with windows at the Marblehead, Mancester By The Sea, and Hamilton locations.

You can see the quality you're getting, and wait until you taste them! They're mouthwatering, a dessert nut treat to be sure, and all natural. Delicious as a snack, topped on salad, ice cream, and yogurt. They pair well with your favorite wine & cheese, and also beer.

NO preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, no corn syrup, soy, peanuts, or hydrogenated oils. You can pronounce all of our ingredients. We will not compromise. 

Thank you for supporting That Nutty Redhead, Crosby's Market, and small business. :)

Lisa Griffiths

Proprietor of That Nutty Redhead Frosted & Gourmet Nuts




The Victoriana Lady Lisa at The Cave in Gloucester February 25 2014

Come and Meet the Victoriana Lady Lisa at The Cave in Gloucester, on Saturday, March 8, from 12-2pm. Bring a small family heirloom with you and let's talk Victorian!

Have you tried our gourmet nuts WARM?!!! Oh* My* Stars* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! February 10 2014

If you haven't tried our gourmet nuts warm yet, then you're in for an added treat!!!

The Frosted Bavarian Vanilla tastes like a warm cinnamon buns.
The Breakfast in New England tastes like warm maple pancakes.
The Sweet Smoked Hickory tastes like sizzling BACON.
The Chai tastes like your favorite cup of tea.

Simply put a handful of nuts in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 20-30 seconds.



That Nutty Redhead comes to Upton, Massachusetts February 02 2014

That Nutty Redhead comes to Upton, Massachusetts. Thank you Lisa at "A Little Common Sense." Selected flavors are available for your purchase along with many other fine items. I will also be doing in-store presentations as That Nutty Redhead, and as the Victoriana Lady Lisa, in the very near future so do stay tune for updates.


How Does That Nutty Redhead Make The Nut Blends? January 23 2014

Our cooking process is not an American roasted/salted style that many of you are used to (which is a form of deep frying, often with unhealthy oils.)

We use a German Bavarian method where the nuts are kettle cooked and glazed, making for a softer candied finished nut product. Many people appreciate this process, it's gentler to the teeth. 

For a real treat, put a serving size of nuts in a microwave safe dish and warm them about 15-25 seconds. They're heavenly!!


Remember we have no artificial flavors, and no preservatives. Try some of our premium almonds, cashews, and pecans today!!

"Live A Little, While You Live A Little Longer!"


That Nutty Redhead Coming To A Fine Crosby's Market Near You! January 22 2014

That Nutty Redhead Frosted & Gourmet Nuts is pleased to have been selected by Crosby's Fine Food Markets in the northshore area of MA. If you haven't visited Crosby's, you should, and see why we are delighted to be appearing soon on their store shelves. With 6 locations to choose from, we will keep you updated on which locations carry which flavors of our gourmet nuts. Shop local and support your community. :)



That Nutty Redhead Needs YOU!!! January 18 2014

Our popular, all natural, Breakfast in New England nut mix, consisting of almonds, cashews, and pecans.


That Nutty Redhead Frosted & Gourmet Nuts needs you!! If you're a business owner, or have a gourmet food shop, we need you!

We're looking for fine, distinctive shops to carry our premium gourmet almond, cashew, and pecan flavored nuts, and nut blends, which are handmade in New England, in Rockport, MA. We are proud to offer 8 different flavors, all our own recipe. Order with confidence, we have both a residential kitchen and state license for wholesale.

 We never use preservatives or anything artificial, for example only pure Madagascar vanilla and quality spices. Our nut blends make a great healthy snack, as salad toppings, on ice cream, yogurt, and in cereal.

We have two types of packaging available, a traditional zip close retail bag for freshness and flavor, and a fancy boutique bag where the inner package is heat sealed, to lock in freshness and flavor.  

No one else is making gourmet nuts quite like our flavors, and many stores have quickly picked us up! Please call, or write, for more information on how we can wow your customers.


Our mouthwatering flavors include:

Breakfast in New England

Spicy Hug-Nut

Bavarian Vanilla

Orange Creamsicle

Menthe Chocolat

Hannah Jumper Rum

Sweet Smoked Hickory



Remember: "Live A Little While You Live  A Little Longer!!"



Lisa Griffiths



Thank you kindly!!!

The Health Benefits Of Almonds, Cashews, and Pecans in That Nutty Redhead Frosted & Gourmet Nuts January 06 2014

Science continues to prove the health benefits of a handful of tree nuts daily. Tree nuts such as  Almonds, Pecans, and Cashews are cholesterol-free and full of protein and fiber.

They are a good source of vitamins (Niacin, Vit E, B-6) and minerals (such as magnesium, copper, selenium, phosphorous and potassium) essential for a healthy diet.

While nuts are relatively high in fat, 85% of the fat in nuts are unsaturated and can help reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Nuts are a good source of antioxidants and phytochemicals, used to prevent chronic diseases.

We say, "Live a little, while you live a little longer!"

Thank you all for a great 2013 retail season. We are expanding in 2014 to include more wholesale clients at distinctive gourmet and gift shops. We're also working on some new flavors, for example, sweet-smoked nuts, and Rum flavor. 

Cape Ann residents can pick up our gourmet nuts at The Cave: Purveyors of Cheese, Chocolate, and Wine. 44 Main St. Gloucester, MA.

You can also call Lisa, aka That Nutty Redhead, to place an order at 978-412-5662 for pick up in Rockport, MA.

2014's Coming! December 22 2013

Having a Party, or going to one, remember That Nutty Redhead. Our sumptuous flavors make a great gift, party favor or finger food.

The Cave and That Nutty Redhead December 22 2013

The Cave in Gloucester opens its doors, and shelves, to That Nutty Redhead. We're thrilled! Thank you so much Laura, and everyone at the Cave.

Almonds Are A Superfood Packed With Vitamin E, Iron, And Fiber December 05 2013

Almonds, Cashews, and Pecans are a healthy and delicious snack. Did you know that an ounce of Almonds contains more vitamin E than the same ounce of blueberries? There's more iron than in spinach, and four times as much fiber as in broccoli in the same serving size. It's documented at the National Nutrient Database.

At That Nutty Redhead we are committed to bringing you delicious wholesome gourmet nut blends without chemical preservatives, artificial color, or artificial flavor. We only use pure high quality spices, and Madagascar vanilla in our recipes.

 We love to receive customer comments, this recent one, from a devout customer, brought a chuckle.  She writes- Latest order received. Latest order eaten. We may have to move in with you!!

 No need to move, we will ship our delicious nuts anywhere! They're great as a snack, on top of salad, in yogurt, hot and cold cereal, and in your favorite baked goods. Thanks for your kind support!!


Nutrition source, the National  Nutrient Database-