Manchester By The Sea With That Nutty Redhead July 01 2017

That Nutty Redhead Lisa Griffiths is delighted to have her Praline nut snacks at Crosby's Marketplace in beautiful Manchester By The Sea in MA. With the success of the movie Manchester By The Sea it should prove to be a busy season!

Available in both 2 oz grab -n- go snack size and 8 oz family size. They make great beach snacks, no melting! New England Praline with Sea Salt, a Cinnamon Bun flavor is great on a summer salad, as well as for snacking. Breakfast in New England (salt free) tastes like French toast, pancakes, & Maple syrup and is fantastic on ice cream, in yogurt, smoothies, with trail mix, and of course snacking! As always, thank you for your business!!

Demos & Ice Cream February 21 2017

That Nutty Redhead is off and running again. Demos for today:
11-2 Whole Foods Wellesley & Roche Bros Wellesley
3-6 Roche Bros West Roxbury & Westwood
It's holiday week so we're keeping our fingers crossed.
Also, a nut/powder delivery to Melt Ice Cream Shoppe in Salem (we're the Nutty Almond in the pic). They're opening this weekend. It's getting to that time of year again.

New at Melt in Salem April 09 2016

I just tried my signature ice cream flavor nutty almond at Melt ice cream parlor in #Salem MA. Oh my stars its amazing!!!

Today's the Day! April 05 2016

We have a busy day today:
1. Pre-Production meeting at #BevCam for the local #TV show - North Shore Journal.
2. PU cashews at #Superior Nut in #Cambridge
3. Delivery to the Charles River Plaza Whole Foods (new store)
4. Topping samples to #Richardson's Ice Cream in #Middleton, #MA
5. Delivery to Bella & Harvey in #Rockport (new store)
6. Add the Toppings to our TNR website and re-open
7. Make a ton of calls - scheduling demos and reorders
8. and just maybe deliver a toppings order to White Farms #IceCream in #Ipswich. Waiting for the call.

All Natural That Nutty Redhead Toppings March 30 2016

That Nutty Redhead Praline gourmet nut snacks is pleased to announce the latest in our line of fine, all natural products. Introducing our signature flavors, now available as ice cream toppings. New England Praline with Sea Salt has pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla with just a touch of saltiness. Breakfast in New England was named for its maple toffee pancake, French toast, and syrup flavors. They're oh, so good!!!

Wholesale and retail orders welcome. Please contact Lisa Griffiths at 978-412-5662 or at

*That Nutty Redhead- The Next Generation In Snack Food*

Photo by John Thomas Grant

Ice Scream, You Scream March 30 2016

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!!! That Nutty Redhead is delighted to announce yet another ice cream flavor with my gourmet nuts!! White Farms Homemade Ice Cream in Ipswich MA is creating a mocha flavor with my New England Praline with Sea Salt nut blend!! The flavor will be named in a contest by the children from the local Ipswich school. How cool is that?!!! I'll let you know when it's officially on the menu. :))