There Are No Leftover Recipes For Chocolate! March 02 2014

Did you ever notice, there are no leftover recipes for chocolate? :)

 I use pure cocoa in my Menthe Chocolat gourmet nut blends, no leftovers here either!

Feature Flavor: Menthe Chocolat- This flavor satisfies your chocolate craving with a splash of cool mint. Think of those ever popular chocolate mint candies, or thin mint cookies that we love, on your favorite nut!!

That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts at Crosby's Fine Markets!! March 02 2014

That Nutty Redhead is delighted to announce that we are in 3 of Crosby's fine grocery stores!! 

Look for my nut products in the glossy red package with windows at the Marblehead, Mancester By The Sea, and Hamilton locations.

You can see the quality you're getting, and wait until you taste them! They're mouthwatering, a dessert nut treat to be sure, and all natural. Delicious as a snack, topped on salad, ice cream, and yogurt. They pair well with your favorite wine & cheese, and also beer.

NO preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, no corn syrup, soy, peanuts, or hydrogenated oils. You can pronounce all of our ingredients. We will not compromise. 

Thank you for supporting That Nutty Redhead, Crosby's Market, and small business. :)

Lisa Griffiths

Proprietor of That Nutty Redhead Frosted & Gourmet Nuts




Have you tried our gourmet nuts WARM?!!! Oh* My* Stars* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! February 10 2014

If you haven't tried our gourmet nuts warm yet, then you're in for an added treat!!!

The Frosted Bavarian Vanilla tastes like a warm cinnamon buns.
The Breakfast in New England tastes like warm maple pancakes.
The Sweet Smoked Hickory tastes like sizzling BACON.
The Chai tastes like your favorite cup of tea.

Simply put a handful of nuts in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 20-30 seconds.



That Nutty Redhead comes to Upton, Massachusetts February 02 2014

That Nutty Redhead comes to Upton, Massachusetts. Thank you Lisa at "A Little Common Sense." Selected flavors are available for your purchase along with many other fine items. I will also be doing in-store presentations as That Nutty Redhead, and as the Victoriana Lady Lisa, in the very near future so do stay tune for updates.


How Does That Nutty Redhead Make The Nut Blends? January 23 2014

Our cooking process is not an American roasted/salted style that many of you are used to (which is a form of deep frying, often with unhealthy oils.)

We use a German Bavarian method where the nuts are kettle cooked and glazed, making for a softer candied finished nut product. Many people appreciate this process, it's gentler to the teeth. 

For a real treat, put a serving size of nuts in a microwave safe dish and warm them about 15-25 seconds. They're heavenly!!


Remember we have no artificial flavors, and no preservatives. Try some of our premium almonds, cashews, and pecans today!!

"Live A Little, While You Live A Little Longer!"


That Nutty Redhead Coming To A Fine Crosby's Market Near You! January 22 2014

That Nutty Redhead Frosted & Gourmet Nuts is pleased to have been selected by Crosby's Fine Food Markets in the northshore area of MA. If you haven't visited Crosby's, you should, and see why we are delighted to be appearing soon on their store shelves. With 6 locations to choose from, we will keep you updated on which locations carry which flavors of our gourmet nuts. Shop local and support your community. :)



That Nutty Redhead Needs YOU!!! January 18 2014

Our popular, all natural, Breakfast in New England nut mix, consisting of almonds, cashews, and pecans.


That Nutty Redhead Frosted & Gourmet Nuts needs you!! If you're a business owner, or have a gourmet food shop, we need you!

We're looking for fine, distinctive shops to carry our premium gourmet almond, cashew, and pecan flavored nuts, and nut blends, which are handmade in New England, in Rockport, MA. We are proud to offer 8 different flavors, all our own recipe. Order with confidence, we have both a residential kitchen and state license for wholesale.

 We never use preservatives or anything artificial, for example only pure Madagascar vanilla and quality spices. Our nut blends make a great healthy snack, as salad toppings, on ice cream, yogurt, and in cereal.

We have two types of packaging available, a traditional zip close retail bag for freshness and flavor, and a fancy boutique bag where the inner package is heat sealed, to lock in freshness and flavor.  

No one else is making gourmet nuts quite like our flavors, and many stores have quickly picked us up! Please call, or write, for more information on how we can wow your customers.


Our mouthwatering flavors include:

Breakfast in New England

Spicy Hug-Nut

Bavarian Vanilla

Orange Creamsicle

Menthe Chocolat

Hannah Jumper Rum

Sweet Smoked Hickory



Remember: "Live A Little While You Live  A Little Longer!!"



Lisa Griffiths



Thank you kindly!!!

2014's Coming! December 22 2013

Having a Party, or going to one, remember That Nutty Redhead. Our sumptuous flavors make a great gift, party favor or finger food.

The Cave and That Nutty Redhead December 22 2013

The Cave in Gloucester opens its doors, and shelves, to That Nutty Redhead. We're thrilled! Thank you so much Laura, and everyone at the Cave.

Great New Reviews! December 09 2013

"Oh. My. Stars. My Breakfast In New England pecans arrived and I'm quietly going out of my MIND they are so good! I had to move them out of reach because I couldn't stop eating them!" - Julie

"The New England Breakfast Almonds are AWESOME !!!!" - Russ

"Mine are here!! MINE ARE HERE!!!!! They are FANTASTICAL!!!!! Warmed them like Lisa said and OMG'S!! they are so good!" - Vickie

"Latest order received. Latest order eaten. We may have to move in with you. When is the last order date before Xmas?" - Meg

"OMG, Lisa Griffiths, my (first) order came today. They are SO, SO good!! Ok, I admit that it is a good thing that I ordered a full order of Breakfast in New England Cashews because the samples are gone. LOL!" - Kathleen

SO good, the pecans especially! Try That Nutty Redhead -- you won't be sorry!- Julie T.

"OMG!!! I got my order today....YUM-O!! I can't decide which I like best, the Spicy Hug Nuts or the Frosted Bavarian Almonds. They are delicious and I had to put the bags back in the box and close it up so I wouldn't eat them all at once! Can't wait to try some of the other flavors, those hickory smoked bacon ones are sounding pretty tasty!" Debra


Thank you so much Julie, Russ, Vickie, Meg, Debra and Kathleen.

Pecan creations by That Nutty Redhead! December 01 2013

You've asked for them, and now we have them. That Nutty Redhead proudly offers you, as per your request, Pecans in all 5 sumptuous flavors. Place your orders A.S.A.P. as they will go quickly.