Now With Only 3 Grams of Sugar Per Serving! August 09 2017


Endeavoring to meet the needs of a health conscious lifestyle we reformulated the original Victorian era family recipe and the lab results are back. That Nutty Redhead Praline Gourmet Nuts now have only 3 grams of sugar per serving. Our flavors include New England Praline with Sea Salt (cinnamon bun flavor) and Breakfast in New England (French toast-pancakes-syrup flavor). For a store near you please see our store finder page. You can also order online and get free shipping at Thank you for your continued support!

Love those Calls! January 31 2017

I was very encouraged to receive a phone call from a customer today who simply "had to call" and tell me how "absolutely wonderful my gourmet nut snacks are." We recently met at a demo sampling at Foodies Market in Duxbury, MA. She wanted me to know that she was going to a retreat with seven lady friends this weekend and was treating each of her friends to a bag of That Nutty Redhead Praline Nuts. She explained that they're "always looking for healthier snack options that taste great." That Nutty Redhead is happy to oblige, healthier comfort food is what we do!

New Market for You January 24 2017

Lisa and I would like to welcome Foodies Urban Market, South End Boston, to our That Nutty Redhead family -

Holiday today??? Not on your Life! January 16 2017

After a very strong weekend showing at Whole Foods in both Hartford, CT, and Providence, RI, we're closer to home today, if you call an hour travel time closer to home. Anyway...
11-2 Whole Foods Wellesley & Roche Bros. Wellesley
3-6 Whole Foods Brookline & River Street
A Healthier Comfort Food!

This & That January 12 2017

Tomorrows That Nutty Redhead road tour: 11-2 - Roche Bros Downtown Crossing & Whole Foods Medford 3-6 - Whole Foods Bedford & Crosby's Marketplace in Concord Thanks for the laaaaaaaaaarge order Whole Foods Cranston. Good to see things really moving along in Rhode Island.

New Stores in Hingham and Milton January 12 2017

Lisa and I would like to welcome the Fruit Center Marketplace stores in both Milton and Hingham to our That Nutty Redhead family.

Down in Duxbury December 22 2016

We would like to welcome Foodies Market in Duxbury, MA, to our That Nutty Redhead family. Delivery and our first demo will be this Saturday, Christmas Eve, and their busiest day of the year. Well now, this should be interesting.

Smoking Weekend!!! December 11 2016

A great weekend for That Nutty Redhead in Providence, R.I., and Hartford, CT. Sellouts of one flavor or the other at 4 of 6 stores we demoed. Our 2oz. started packs were big sellers. But I must say, "Cranston, you rule!!!" Thanks so much for the 2 case 8oz. and 2 case 2oz. sales in the couple of hours we were there. Best yet, sales are picking up when we're not even there. See you both in January. Onward and Upward for That Nutty Redhead.

On the Road with TNR December 01 2016

That Nutty Redhead demos for today:
11-2 - WFM Bedford
3-6 - WFM Woburn & Medford

Foodies Onboard! December 01 2016

We would like to welcome Foodies Market South Boston to our That Nutty Redhead family -
We'll shortly add the South End and Duxbury stores.

Thanksgiving week begins November 21 2016

Now that was a restful weekend, only 7 demos, cooking and bagging:) It's back to work today with 5 more That Nutty Redhead demos. They are:
11-1 - Crosby's Georgetown
2-4 - Crosby's Concord & Donelan's Lincoln
5-7 - Crosby's Salem & Marblehead
Repeat step one tomorrow...
"The Next Generation in Snack Food"

TNR demos for today November 19 2016

That Nutty Redhead demos for today:
11-2 Whole Foods Newton & Newtonville
3-5 Roche Bros West Roxbury & Westwood
"A Healthy Comfort Food"

Quote of the Day November 19 2016

"My mommy promises to come back and buy more" was what I was told by a young lady at our McKinnon's Market demo in Portsmouth, NH, last night. Her mother bought a 2oz bag of Breakfast in New England for her earlier. She really liked them. Later, while on her way to checkout she passed my table once again grinning ear to ear happily waving her small bag. About a minute later, I noticed a small body hurling itself in my direction. I looked up to find that same smiling face. John

Getting around - That Nutty Redhead demos for today: November 18 2016

11-2 Whole Foods Bedford
11-2 Crosby's Concord
4-6 - On the Vine, Exeter, NH (1st time)
4-6 - McKinnon's Market - Portsmouth, NH

Breaking into Southie! November 18 2016

We're thrilled to announce that That Nutty Redhead Praline Gourmet Nuts has been accepted by Foodie's Markets in Boston. We'll get started with deliveries next week.
Once a predominantly working class Irish Catholic community, of course they went wild over Lisa's long flowing red hair :) I'm told of a couple of proposals :))

Demos for today October 27 2016

Our Infant Empire hits the road again today with That Nutty Redhead demos at the following:
11-2 Whole Foods Wayland
11-2 Roche Bros. Sudbury
3-6 Donelan's Acton & Littleton

And deliveries to - Roche Bros. Burlington & Donelan's Lincoln

Sunday in the Store with Nutty October 23 2016

That Nutty Redhead demos for today. Hopefully we'll get them done before the Pats game :)
10-1 Whole Foods Medford
10-1 Roche Bros Burlington
2-5 Whole Foods Melrose & Lynnfield

Today's Demos October 20 2016

And away we go! That Nutty Redhead demos for today:
11-2 WFM Charles River Plaza, Boston
3-6 WFM Prospect Street, Cambridge
3-6 WFM Somerville

Updated Store List October 19 2016

Oh my...missed a few, and added some new ones -

Complete Trifecta in Providence! October 18 2016

We would like to welcome the Whole Foods on Waterman Street in Providence, RI, into our That Nutty Redhead family -

A Growing List of Demographics October 18 2016

A new That Nutty Redhead Praline Gourmet Nut demographic came to light, yesterday, at a Whole Foods demo in Andover, MA. MACAWS!
A Lady approached me at the table to say that, in a pinch, she had to feed her Macaw assorted foods including TNR nuts. Upon ingesting the TNR handful, the Macaw's reported response was, "WOW...GOOD!"
To those corporate leaders that we're presently speaking with, and will speak, you can add Parrots to the growing list of people, and animals, embracing our innovative nut snack. Perhaps, one day, the official nut of Parrot Jungle? John


Hartford Bound October 11 2016

Oh to Hartford, CT, tomorrow:
11-2 - Whole Foods Glastonbury
3-6 - Whole Foods West Hartford
3-6 Whole Foods Bishops Corner
And all three get deliveries as they're almost out of stock!

On the Road Again... October 10 2016

Back on the Road again - That Nutty Redhead demos for today:
11-2 Roche Bros West Roxbury
11-2 Roche Bros Westwood
3-6 Roche Bros Quincy
3-6 Whole Foods South Weymouth

Whole Day at Whole Foods October 08 2016

That Nutty Redhead demos for today:
11-2 WFM Ink Block & Brookline
3-6 WFM Woburn & Medford