Smoking Weekend!!! December 11 2016

A great weekend for That Nutty Redhead in Providence, R.I., and Hartford, CT. Sellouts of one flavor or the other at 4 of 6 stores we demoed. Our 2oz. started packs were big sellers. But I must say, "Cranston, you rule!!!" Thanks so much for the 2 case 8oz. and 2 case 2oz. sales in the couple of hours we were there. Best yet, sales are picking up when we're not even there. See you both in January. Onward and Upward for That Nutty Redhead.

Thanksgiving week begins November 21 2016

Now that was a restful weekend, only 7 demos, cooking and bagging:) It's back to work today with 5 more That Nutty Redhead demos. They are:
11-1 - Crosby's Georgetown
2-4 - Crosby's Concord & Donelan's Lincoln
5-7 - Crosby's Salem & Marblehead
Repeat step one tomorrow...
"The Next Generation in Snack Food"