About Us - That Nutty Redhead

The Passion Projects, LLC, Lisa Griffiths & John Grant, present their latest enterprise, "That Nutty Redhead - Praline Gourmet Nuts".

I began catering in 2002 and have now evolved to specialize in this market of all natural gourmet nut productsPopular creations from my prior catering days included my mouthwatering Praline Gourmet Almond & Cashew nut blends.

I was dismayed with the artificial quality that I was finding in this snack, both locally and corporately, so I decided to do it myself. My great grandparents once owned a candy factory called Swanky Chocolates, so creating delicious treats is in my blood! My nut recipe inspiration came from my ancestor Ella Mae's turn of the century cookbook. Burnt Almonds, aka Candied Nuts, were c. 1890-1910.

My premium Almonds and Cashews are homemade in New England with the finest ingredients. There's no corn syrup, peanuts, gluten, eggs, soy, wheat, dairy, trans fat oil, or preservatives in my nut products. We use only pure Madagascar vanilla, never artificial vanilla, as some companies do. 

I believe you are what you eat and I want to offer a delicious snack product that you can feel good about eating. Science continues to promote the health benefits of nuts, cinnamon, and many of the other high quality spices that we use.

Home base for That Nutty Redhead is the lovely, seaside resort town of Rockport, Massachusetts.



My Mission:

To provide delicious, high quality, all natural snacks with wholesome ingredients that YOU can feel good about eating. I put my heart and soul into every 'made to order’ small batch of almonds & cashews. My nut blends are awesome on ice cream, salad, in yogurt, cereal, with granola, or all by themselves!

I take raw almonds & cashews and ‘steam cook’ them. You steam vegetables to keep the nutrients in, so why not nuts? Then I add all natural spices and Gluten Free flavorings. My scrumptious gourmet Praline nuts are a 'softer', fresher nut, and, frankly, just plain easier on your teeth.

I'm totally committed to using all-natural ingredients/spices, locally sourced when possible to support my community, and I will never use preservatives or anything artificial. Period! There's never anything that you can't pronounce in my nut products. My ingredients come from respected American companies. Quality is very important to me, as I’m sure it is with you.

I believe you are what you eat. Study after study proves that tree nuts are healthy. You've all heard of the Mediterranean Diet? Nuts are an important element of the Mediterranean Diet, the only diet clinically proven to help you live a longer and healthier life. Whole Foods Market loves the healthy aspect of my product, now that's saying something!

With that, I say:"Live a Little, While You Live a Little Longer"