The Power of the Hug Nut #1 November 17 2013

Another satisfied customer who just received her nut order had this to say-
"OH my goodness. These are so amazing! Thank you! The spicy hug nuts were so good, I almost got emotional... Not even kidding.. Thank you!"


Why are my spicy nuts called Hug Nuts?! When you eat them you feel as if you've had a hug from a loved one, studies prove it!!


From the magazine First for Women 2/25/13-

Spiced Nuts activate the "Hug hormone."

Healthy plant fats in nuts boost the body's level of oxytocin- the same hormone that makes you feel serene after you hug a loved one, says Scott Haltzman, M.D. author of The Secret of Happy Families. For an extra hint of happy, chooses spiced nuts! The seasonings on these crunchy gems stimulate a rush of endorphins- neurotransmitters that can erase a funky mood within 2 minutes.