What customers are saying about That Nutty Redhead Frosted & Gourmet Nuts November 17 2013


From Dianne- I received a delicious bag of the Spiced Hug Nuts for Christmas and they are AMAZING!! We will definitely be ordering more soon!

 Shawnee writes- "These are hands down some of the best flavored nuts I have ever had. We got the Breakfast in New England Almonds and Menthe Chocolat Cashews but she has 3 more flavors that sound so good. Nothing fake or artificial so major kudos to Lisa. Thank you so much Lisa Griffiths! They are amazing. David could not stop eating them so between the two of us,they will be lucky to see next week. Go check out her shop and order some of your own goodies."

Another gourmet nut order received, and what did she have to say?? "Mine are here!! MINE ARE HERE!!!!! They are FANTASTICAL!!!!! Warmed them like Lisa said in the microwave for a few seconds in a dish and OMG'S!! They are so good!" –Vickie

Meg writes: Latest order received. Latest order eaten. We may have to move in with you! 

I brought some samples of your almonds to my family thanksgiving, and they were a huge hit. Much accolade and enjoyment had by all. -Joel

 I received your almond sampler that I ordered today, and I would be hard pressed to decide what my favorite is. It is a most excellent product so keep up the good work! - Joel

 Ladies, you might have to hide your orders!! Meg writes, Once I open the shipping bag, the men in this household take the bags of nuts and disappear!!!!

 I received my order, the nuts are excellent!! - Michelle

 Oh my! We tried all of them as soon as they arrived.. the flavors are so intense and amazing! So hard to pick a favorite.. but from evidence of the half empty sample bags.. it looks as though the chocolate mint were the first to go... followed closely by the maple and Bavarian. - Andrea

 One of my customers bought a bag of the spicy Hug Nuts at the Harvestfest. She planned on taking them to a party later that evening. She couldn't get the sample taste out of her mind and by 5:00 pm she told her husband, "I can't stand it anymore, I'm opening the nuts, they are so good!!" The nuts never made it to the party. :) - Kelly 

 YOU HAVE HIT A HOME RUN LISA!! Just opened the packages of Bavarian and Hug nuts. Truly addicting! So sweet and cinnamon-y with a great glazed crunch. The Hug Nuts are unexpectedly warm and spicy. Super yummy and I look forward to your new flavors! - Sandra 

 My husband Michael's Dad dug the label out of the trash so that he can order more of your nuts!!!- Law

 My order of frosted Bavarian Nuts and Spicy Hug Nuts arrived today - and both half pound bags are now GONE! The men LOVED both flavors and I will have to order more soon! Great job! - Meg

 The Nuts are D E L I C I O U S !!!!! Absolutely Yummy ! My favorite is the Orange Frosted....divine!! Highly recommended! -Lisa

 I have to order more to GET some of these wonderful treats! One of my sons grabbed the bag of Hug Nuts and pronounced "These are great....order more" and disappeared with the bag! - Margaret

 Her son later writes-

They were fantastic !!!

 My order arrived and the nuts are awesome!! - Jolene

  I ordered a bag of Breakfast in New England and a bag of Bavarian Almonds - they are soooo good!! The scent alone will make you happy, I promise. They're sweet, but light and not overwhelming. Thanks again for your great customer service and a wonderful product - we'll be back for the Spicy Hug Nut Almonds!! - Jennah

  The Nuts are Delicious!!! My package just arrived and I've already tasted the Orange (WOW!)...and the Bavarian....Oh MY!! These are fabulous and I'll be back for MORE! Thanks!!!!! - Lisa

 I did not get to open the nut package that arrived today. My son just came down and said IS THAT MORE OF THOSE NUTS? He promptly opened the package and took 1/2 of the nuts back up to his room!! -Meg

 Oh my gosh, got my Bavarian Almonds today! They are simply amazing! Dale just kept saying "these are ridiculous" then he said make sure to order at least one of each. Lisa, they really are wonderful!! -Denise

 Got my Spicy Hug Nuts, and the Bavarian samples! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Julie