That Nutty Redhead Acorn Squash Recipe October 02 2014

That Nutty Redhead Acorn Squash Recipe


What can You Do With That Nutty Redhead Nuts? Plenty!! They're not just great for snacking!

~That Nutty Redhead Acorn Squash~

Take 2 Acorn squash and cut in half so you have four bowls, scoop out seeds.

If needed cut off a sliver of squash across the bottom so it sits flat in the pan. Put squash in a baking pan and pour 1/2 cup water in the pan.

Sprinkle nutmeg & cinnamon on top of each piece. Take a tablespoon of butter and put it in the center of each piece.

Bake at 350* for 30-45 minutes. Prick with fork to test, it should be soft & tender.

While still hot, drizzle maple syrup or honey on the squash. Sprinkle with Breakfast In New England gourmet nuts from That Nutty Redhead.

Voila! Now you have nutty vegetables. :)


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