Whole Foods Market ~That Nutty Redhead ~ Kickstarter November 03 2014

Whole Foods Market, as well as others, wants to carry That Nutty Redhead's gourmet nut products, there's no stopping me now! That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts is committed to bringing you all natural, delicious nut snacks. My product and my packaging are integral in attaining that end for you. I have chosen to go with Stand Up Pouches as my packaging supplier. See for yourself why I believe they are the best in the business. http://www.standuppouches.net/

As many of you may know, but some may not, I have a crowd funding project with Kickstarter to raise the funds for the professional packaging. If you believe in supporting small business and would like to become a part of this journey I ask that you PLEDGE NOW. Every dollar adds up, I have many great thank you rewards, and you will come away with the satisfaction that YOU played a part in the history and success of a family inspired business endeavoring to bring a quality, chemical free snack to our grocery shelves.