Matt and our Nutty Redhead February 23 2017

Roche Brothers finds it important to carry local products, and hire people with disabilities. Bravo! Monday night in Westwood MA I had the pleasure of meeting a young man named Matt. Although confined to a wheelchair, it doesn't stop him from dusting the shelves, and sharing a smile.
I had just set up my demo table with samples of my nut snack brand That Nutty Redhead when Matt came over to chat. He wanted to know what I was doing and what it's like to be a local business. He also sampled the nuts and told me that he really liked the Breakfast in New England Maple toffee flavor. While at the table he encouraged people to try a sample. One woman sampled and bought a package of New England Praline with sea salt flavor to add to her salad. Matt was smiling from ear to ear that he helped me close the sale.
He then told me that he had to get back to his job, (he's been there 3 years). He also thanked me for taking the time to speak to him. I told him that it was my pleasure to meet him. He then said something that touched my heart. "Thank you for being nice to me and talking. Not everyone is nice to me. You're nice to me like my mom. "
Let's all remember that everyone counts. Everyone can do something, we all matter in this world, and it doesn't cost anything to be nice.