Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream & Dessert Topping


Our kettle steamed, Orange Creamsicle praline almonds/cashew topping does yield some very fond memories from my youth. Like daring the Mr. Softee or Good Humor ice cream truck driver to pass without stopping. But like the waving flags of 4th of July, dollars waved in the summer sky as we stood firm against the onrushing big white truck. Victory would be Ours!!! He would stop of course, and one after another you could hear, "Can I please(manners were not excused then) have an Orange Creamsicle?" And you, at the back of the line, hoped he had enough! Sublime jubilation on a hot summer day. And it beat talking to girls!

Anyway, to say our Orange Creamsicle is incredible on vanilla ice cream would be an understatement!

The above recollection brought to you by That Nutty Salt & Pepper :)

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